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Country Bacon

Item # DCS014
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Country Bacon
Country Bacon
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Darby Creeks Gourmet Country Bacon Dip Mix

May also be used to make Seasoned Snack Crackers

May also be used to make a great topping for baked potato using our Baked Potato Topping receipe.

May also be used to make a gourmet meat marinade using our Meat Marinade Receipe.
No MSG, No Sodium, Sugar Free, Gluten Free
Weight 0.75oz (21g)
Combine 1 cup sour cream, 1 cup mayonnaise, and contents of package. Mix well and chill for 1 to 2 hours.

Low fat yogurt, low fat mayonnaise, 2 teaspoons mustard.

For a salad dressing use 2 cups mayonnaise and 1 cup of water.
bacon bits, onion, parsley, spices
Customer Reviews View All Reviews
That's what everyone kept asking. For my holiday party I had so many different dips and finger foods but by far the Country Bacon Dip what the favorite. So sorry, I had two packages as the time. Thanks for making my party a hit (their still talking about it!!)
  Reviewed by:   from Jacksonville, Fl. on 1/15/2012
Rating Husband
Your dips our delicious. We love the country bacon among others too. We travel to the State Fair in Syracuse just to buy your dips. You have an excellent product. Keep up the good work. Thanx.
  Reviewed by:   from 21883 Holcomb Street Ext., Watertown, New York 136. on 4/3/2008
Rating Amazing!
I bought this along with the Garlic Dip at the Eastern States Expo (The Big E) I brought them both to parties and they got gobbled up immediately, they were sooooo good, I cant wait to try more!
  Reviewed by:   from Massachusettes. on 1/7/2011
Rating Great Dip, Super Easy to Make!
I love this Country Bacon Dip (along with many other Dips by Darby Creek). I love it because it taste delicious and everyone at parties loves it also. They ask me if I made it and I say that "I slaved all day on it". Which is a lie because all you have to do is put a mix package in with a cup of Mayo and a cup of Sour Cream......3 minutes worth of work! This makes it easy for me (a typical guy) that says "Sure I'll bring the chip dip" when asked about what I will contribute to at parties...EASY and always ALL GONE by the end of the night :) I re-ordered some more and look forward to making them!!!
  Reviewed by:   from Columbus, IN. on 12/31/2010
Rating New Customer
Just bought 6 bags of your soups for the COLD night dinners. Can not wait to try the out. Got the reorder form-hope to order more shortly.
  Reviewed by:   from Johnson City, NY. on 8/31/2019
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